MWMW is a well done JRPG with a few fun twists, but ultimately a lack of variety in the gameplay gets old.

User Rating: 6.5 | Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru DS
As you've read in other reviews for this title, My World, My Way! is a unique take on the JRPG formula, often making fun of the typical bits in a console RPG. When you encounter a large ogre mini-boss, your character informs the creature that he's only there to die and give you experience points, which causes him to pause and ask, timidly, "really?!" There are quite a few fun "make fun of itself" moments throughout My World, My Way. Unfortunately, the unique spins aren't really enough to overcome this dungeon crawler's limited gameplay...

The Good:
* Nice visuals -- I played this right after The World Ends With You, so this game wasn't able to stack up, but for a DS title, it does look nice. Animations are a bit crude, but things are big, colorful, and reasonably well detailed.
* Gameplay -- While the combat is basic JRPG turn-based with your party, they throw in a neat wrinkle -- the Pout Points. As incredibly dorky as it sounds, basically it allows your character to vastly alter combat. You can banish an opponent, weaken an opponent (reducing its level and thus amount of experience pts you get), or at least give you the first attack in combat. You use the points pretty quickly, and they work like Magic Points (used for spells) -- when you go back to the inn to sleep, they recharge.
* Story -- The story is bizarre, but different, at least. I won't ruin it here, but suffice to say it's... different... (have you ever wanted to play the role of a horridly spoiled princess that decides to become a warrior to win over the heart of an adventurer that thinks she's a spoiled loser)

The Bad:
* Gameplay -- When adventuring, you move about each region on the world map as though it were tiles in a grid. In each area, you don't get to move around: you simply click to see if there are more monsters or treasures in that spot, then you click down or over to another tile in the grid. In the last grid spot is usually a boss for that region. Sometimes, there will be a "dungeon" in one of the spots. Dungeons are isometric mazes where you do have freedom to actually move your character, but it's a letdown, because each dungeon is a very simple multi-level maze with very simplistic, repetitive visuals. This pattern of adventuring is repeated over and over as you proceed through the story. It gets old. Quickly.
* Gameplay 2 -- Combat in each region consists of fighting the same 5 or 6 monster types over and over and over. Each region typically introduces 2 or 3 new monsters, so there's some variety, but the game requires you to grind through all of the combat in each region in order to level-up enough to beat the boss.
* Audio/Music -- There is no spoken dialog, and there are some well done musical pieces, but not enough of them to give you some variety.

So if you're a huge fan of turn-based JRPGs, and want something a little different, My World My Way is worth a go. But if you're looking for a deep, engaging JRPG, I'd pass on this one.