Last ever mx vs atv?

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Is this the last one?
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MX vs ATV ALIVE is the best motocross game I've ever played... I am still bummed THQ broke up the series ... the new one coming out called MUD doesn't look to be as fluid in vehicular dynamics. MX vs ATV has a natural fluid like movement that is unmatched. I am very sad to see THQ drop development of this series. There are thousands of MX'ers who like to kick back and motocross over Xbox at night in their homes including myself... it's the only game of it's kind and further development would have only made this game more of a powerhouse in my and many other Mx'ers opinions who play the game all the time. Even if you don't want to make a new version, allowing developers to program new tracks as add-ons would be a cool feature.. .and perhaps open it up for newer style jerseys as 2013 rolls around. I personally liked the Supercross part of MX vs ATV reflex better but as far as game play .. Mx vs ATV Alive was the absolute BEST!! Please come back!!!
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whats the deal with that last 4mb update anyone know what it addressed?
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I'm looking to bring the game back or bring it back to some people to realize the enjoyment of the game, I'm looking to host a season for mx vs ate alive that is if it can spark up enough interest, weather it be 125 250 or 450, I'm thinking of doing one or 2 races a week at 10 laps each race so the track actually has some time to wear down like in real life, sign up and weekly entry would be free but if it does spark some interest in people I'm thinking of giving out the top 3 gift cards or something of that nature.....If anyone has any interest in this please get ahold of me on the fourm or if u know of any different forums to post this on as I will be posting on other fourms....hopefully we can get a season in each class going dates and times will be worked on if enough people are interested Thanks, Tra
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hey i have mx vs atv alive on xbox 360. i am looking for some people online as well and think this is a good idea to race online. message me back i would like to hear from you
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I made a petition on, sign this and spread it! Long live mx vs atv!!