This is much better than MX 2002. It is a very noteworthy game that took advantage of the XBOX.

User Rating: 7.4 | MX Superfly XBOX
GAMEPLAY: MX Superfly is the second game in the series. There are plenty of things you can do on MX Superfly. There is the Career Mode, Multi-player Mode, Stunt Editor Mode, and Mini-Game Mode. In the Career Mode, you can choose whether you want to do Race Career or Freestyle Career. In Race Career, you are a motocross rider who wants to be the best ever. You get to train, and compete in many different races. In Freestyle Career, you just want to win races in order to get money.
The mini-games are ery interesting to play, and creating your own track is a good feature. The split screen multi-player mode is incredible; it really is worth trying. The careers are fun to play, and if you need help or practice, you can use the tutorial. Also, creating your own player is nice. You can choose the difficulty, how many opponents there are, and how many laps you have to do. The courses are very challenging, and the modes are fun. There is just one problem. When you get ahead in a race, it becomes too easy to win. As soon as you become first place during the rce, everybody just pulls back together and practically let you win. The game should be harder.

GRAPHICS: The graphics of MX Superfly are almost perfect. The environments and courses look very realistic, and so does the dirt. The sky does not look fuzzy, and the riders look very clear. None of the graphics look pointy or spotty. They look very good. The rider can get very dirty, making the game look very real.The only problem is when you fall into something, you actually fall through it. Also, the audience needs to look better. They are all expressionless, and all look exactly the same. Other than that, the graphics are really good.

SOUND: The sound is just average. The motor sounds are pretty realistic, but they really start to annoy after the sound keeps going up and down, up and down, up and down... Whenever you bump into any of the opponents, they just about yell the same thing every time. But, when you fall, the sliding on the dirt sounds really good. The music isn't terrible, but isn't that great. You should be allowed to download your own music on it.

VALUE: MX Superfly is worth $15 to $20. You can buy the used version very cheap. It is really worth, because of its cheap price (usually $5-$10). The game is really underrated. The game is really worth buying. Anybody who wants to play something new for a change, or really likes extreme sports will really enjoy this game. It is worth buying under twenty dollars.

TILT: Overall, this game really surprised me. I expected this game to be really bad, because I got it with the XBOX. But I really enjoyed playing it. It is worth your time. It is a very good XBOX game. Also, you can download content from XBOX Live, and replay your races. This game is very good. The whole entire series is spectacular, and worth buying. If you see it for a low price, and want to try something new, this game is really worth trying.