Killed the ref? 10 yard penalty.

User Rating: 8.1 | Mutant League Football GEN
This title had the makings of horrible attempt written all over it. It should have been a $1 bargain bin special... But it wasn't, in fact far from it. Take a team of skeletons or Alienesque monsters and run "through" the opposition, all the while bribing, battering and murdering the refs to make sure you get your way. Navigate receivers around mines and pitfalls to complete the hail mary for a touchdown or run right up the center and watch the defensive lineman you hit splatter all over the 20 yard line. Tons of fun, simple interface with league or single game options and a variety of horrific teams type to play as and against. An innovative sports title that pulled in a lot of antisports gamers. If you have never played it give it a shot.