Its mushroom men, alleluia, though other than that nothing interesting and with plenty of room for improvements.

User Rating: 6 | Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi DS
Mushroom Men is a platformer with action elements. You start off by being attacked by insects trying to take your food and later being attacked by some allies that want to take over you territory. Even though the idea of making a game based on mushrooms and insects its interesting, when it comes down to gameplay and everything else, it is not as fulfilling as you may think or want.

Gameplay 6.0
Basic Gameplay isnt bad but flooded with many things that could have been improved a lot. You jump with the R/L, attack with A and Y buttons, long range weapons are used with the B and X and you use the stylus to solve some puzzles, that are not challenging, and to use some attacks by drawing something it the lower screen, like an N and more as you get to know more. It takes some time to get used to, in the end it works but isn't really fun. You will have to constantly change from button, to stylus and from the upper screen to the lower one. Still you can choose from other 3 types of button configuration and choose the one that suits you best.

You progress in the game by going through various levels with save points in them, which i recomend to save constantly because you will die and a lot, not because the game is difficult, but because you made a bad jump and fall a short distance down and died. Yeah ok i suck at platforming games, but damn you get to use a grapple rappel, which you cant really see where to use it because environments are very big but the screen is too small, and when you use it you get stuck and then release it and die. Then you start again from your last save point, but oops i forgot to save before and you'll have to do everything again, it happens and it sucks big time. Add that to the fact that the game is simply not fun and you will get desperate every now and then.

There also plenty of action, because there are many insects waiting for you to kill them. Yup mosquitoes are as annoying in real live as in this game. You get plenty of weapons to kill them and can combine some, which is a nice feature, except for that you will only really use a 20% of all the weapons you get and combat has no real depth in it, just swinging a stick with a needle in it and ducking to protect you from attacks. Killing bugs is easy, but have to kill them like a million times because they respawn is a pain in the ass, and its combat is not as satisfying as a Castlevania.

Graphics 7.0
Graphics are good which is a welcome addition to the game, environments are big enough and well detailed, but it makes it very difficult to use the rappel which you will use often. Also story ´´cutscenes´´ are presented with only bad pictures of mushroom talking with text dialogue. There is a map to use if you get lost and tells you where to go.

Sound 5.0
Nothing really good for your ears to hear. In game music and sounds are there just to get the job done. Mosquitoes sound is annoying.

Lasting Appeal 6.0
Story mode can take you a while to complete, though you will not want to play it a second time. Coop mode is nice, but not really a feature that will give you much fun because of this game many faults. If you are in the need of a game to buy, i am pretty sure there are plenty of other way better titles than this one but if you already have them all, and you have some extra money and an itching to buy a new game even if it is has many downs, i think this will not be your worst choice.