Murder by Numbers

User Rating: 6 | Murder by Numbers NS

My best friend played this and absolutely loved it, so I thought I would give it a try. Needless to say, I did not have as much fun with it.

I want to start by saying the best part of this game is the writing. It is absolutely hilarious and refreshing. The characters are interesting, the little mysteries are fun and witty, and I laughed out loud almost throughout the entire game. So whoever wrote the dialogue and plot for this game deserves some sort of award.

However, the actual game just...wasn't fun. The entire game consists of 2 things. First, you play a truly uninspired mini-game where you just look around a room until an area lights up red. Why? For no reason, turns out. When you eventually stumble over the right area and it lights up, you immediately jump into a picross puzzle. Now picross puzzles are fun because they actually color in an item. But in this game, you literally cannot tell what the object is by the puzzle at all. I don't know if it's the horrible graphics or just laziness, but even when you solve it and it gives you the picture, half the time you still don't know what it is you've made. That takes all the fun out of picross for me. You basically fill in numbers until you solve your puzzle (they get progressively harder, and the game will give you hints if you need them). Once you solve the puzzle, you find another object with your red square until it lights up and then do another puzzle. After a few of these, you confront a witness or move the story along until the mystery is solved. That's the entire game.

I would have enjoyed it more if there wasn't SO MUCH picross. You can't go more than 45 seconds in this game without solving another puzzle. I think this game has potential, but they need to play more to their strengths, which is fun dialogue and characters. There's not nearly enough of that part of the game, much to it's detriment.