An entirely underrated entry in the Wii library.

User Rating: 7.5 | Oboro Muramasa WII
Muramasa the demon blade is a fast past adventure RPG set in feudal japan. You play as either the possessed princess Momohime, or the resurrected ninja Kinsuke on your adventure to unlock the mysteries surrounding your current predicament. During both quests each character gets caught up in a conspiracy to own the one true Demon Blade, a quest that will take Kinsuke to the gates of heaven and Momohime to the depths of hell.

The game is beautiful, and plays like devil may cry on speed. If you're a fan of high speed action games with ramped up difficulty then you will love this overlooked gem. The story is very in depth, and fleshed out between the two characters and both characters must be played to see it all come together.

In closing, the game is great, and somehow fell off the map despite huge hype surrounding it on all sides. The voices are done in japanese with subs but this only adds to the believability of the location. If you're looking for a great action game or you're a fan of Odin Sphere and have been waiting for the next pseudo Princess Crown, look no further.