Cutting Edge

User Rating: 9 | Oboro Muramasa WII
This is another one of those under the radar gems that I really like and it actually turns out to be one of my favorate games for this system, it's just awesome.

This games cuts as smoothly in quality as a katana with the perfect stroke. The story is actually very good it felt like it was well written, it's true it's a complcated plot one thing does turn into another as you get further but it's easy to follow and actually intreging. But most of all I like the characterizations of the characters you play, you actually care about them, and the voice acting for them is just as great. I love the fact that you play though the game as two of the characters each with a different story and chalanges that are both somewhat interconnected, kinda like "Resident Evil 2".

The graphics are just excelent, I really love the use of color and detail which not just make the game feel like a japanese painting or anime come to life but really bring out an otherworldly quality to it, when you pass though areas of the game you really feel like your treading though a vast world, I can't help but feel that there may'be more to that world I haven't seen.

But to me what really makes this game is the gameplay which I think is very good. I love the fact that it's 2-D gameplay, which I feel has became a bit underpracticed, it's a little similar to the recent "Castlevania" series, nothing new but everything done right. The combo system for the characters are decent, you have a decent number of moves to cut your way though enimies. There is a variety of enimies that are always different as you go though different areas, so you never be bored let alone you'll never have a short supply to fight as most to all of them always fill up the whole screen, I'm not kidding. The boss battles are good, I love how each of the bosses are designed they are just huge which can almost make you feel intimitated but don't fret as a saying goes the bigger they are the harder they fall.

And there is a feature which isn't too speical but cool all the same, there is an RPG element with the swords. This game has a garden variety of swords, I really love how their all designed they look a lot better than the swords from the manga/anime "Bleach" which I always thought looked ridiculous. Anyway, each of the swords have different attack flows and powers, it's just so much fun trying and using each of them. But if you want to get your hands on them, like in all RPGs you have to build yourself up to be able to even use them, yeah it takes work but it's worth it.

I do have only have one minor quib about this game and that is as most have pointed out slight lack of depth in section design. It's just as I passed by certain areas, it felt kinda like the same area I've been though already, which sort of made the levels feel a little monotonious. This isn't that big a deal this is a common fundamtal problem even a few volumes of the "Castlevania" series had but like that series I was so sucked into what I was doing and going I hardly noticed.

Muramasa has the cutting edge.