Impressive 2D action RPG game with beautiful hand-drawn art visuals and a highly addictive nature.

User Rating: 7.5 | Oboro Muramasa WII
The game has two main characters to play as. I started off with the female's storyline evolving a girl, Momohime, whose body was taken over by the soul of a swordsman. While the story is interesting enough, it is rather light. Each character has multiple endings. Even though I can be quite obsessive, I generally do not go out of my way to complete games 100% to collect everything and replay for different endings. However, this game certainly begged me to do so. The first ending was rather disappointing, but I suppose it was meant to be to encourage you to get better ending hopefully.

So, why I initially had no intention of working to get all endings, I continued with game for that very reward. At first I found the combat to be a little repetitive, it has really grown on me and just doesn't really seem to get old. Shortly after starting the story line of the male character, Kisuke, who is a ninja who lost his memory, I returned to Momohime's game and traversing any area's of the map I missed with her and unlocking barriers I may had missed since I then had more of the corresponding swords to break them with. I have succeeded in forging all of the swords for both characters from the sword tree. I have also completed the three different ending for both characters for six endings total. Some were better than others, but you will have to play them yourself to find out.