nice paint job.

User Rating: 10 | Oboro Muramasa WII
first thing first:
nintendo supporting many different tip of platformer these days and many of them are great and this is one of those titles.
sory but game that i bought is jp version so i didnt understand much but gameplay is the best part of the game.
game will give you two character to play, a boy and a girl and its look like you have two storyline and two game in one pack.
both campains are long enough and you will like them.
girl: its start in a forest and some black ninja attacking you but theyre the easiest enemy in the game, first boss of the game is easy to kill too but from mission thing are getting differend and you cant kill the enemys easy.
boy: it start in a rock map and many differend from the girl campain, i find it so harder because enemys will force you in a larg number and bosses are so harder too.
each character have some spacial attacks and some differend swords.
when you use a sword so much or defend enemys attack with it so much, the sword will break and you have to use another sword.
each sword have a differend tip too, some are fast and some others are powerful and some of them have a good balance between power and speed.
game also have some adventure elements too and in some views of the game you have no enemy and you see yourself in a village and can find some info and new items which will found very easy.
its a wii game and graphices is not so important but its nice.
its a complete anime platformer and when your character move, you find it like the anime cartoons.
some great and colorful background and your character is infront of it, very nice.{ im clapping for the designer }.
last word:
a great platformer, nothing less, nothing more.