Pick up this underated game of Muraamsasa the demon blade

User Rating: 9.5 | Oboro Muramasa WII
Graphics 10/10 The graphics are spectacular i was blown away what they did. The background is beautiful and the characters art are awesome.

Gameplay 9/10 good gameplay but it is shallow.

music 10/10 i love the soundtrack they have japanese music. And i like the boss music they are great.

story 9/10 cool storyline ending are great they got more when you beat the story but some endings are not very important but alot endings are.

Replay value 9/10 there some things to do like collect swords final endings and a harder diffuclty.

Conclusion This game is really great rpg game with great graphics even on the wii awesome music great story and replay value. This game need a sequel of it.because of how it is a awesome game. And it has a good price to buy in kmart $15. if you still reading this review buy this awesome game it is great.