A fun Hack-N-Slash that is more complex then you think

User Rating: 8 | Oboro Muramasa WII
Muramasa is a very witty game that came from the same makers of Odin Sphere. It has a beautiful backdrop of animation with wonderful flashy sword combos. On Normal mode its a breeze to get through but once you up the difficulty to Hard mode its a whole different ball game. Anyways you fight your way through different bosses and levels to collect more demon blades. You can play as either Kisuke or Momohime and they are both radically different. Kisuke is more on the power side but not to much but you can obviously tell he's slower, while Momohime is swift but a little weaker. The game-play is fluid and the sound is of high quality. The game is roughly 8 hours long to complete one characters story which is pretty good to me since you get two characters to play with.
The bosses are very fun to play against but can be very frustrating at times since they are twice your character size and can literally take half your damage with one hit. You must really learn what move is coming next from your enemy to get anywhere in the game along with some fast reflexes. I have little complaints for this game which helped me determine the solid rating i had given it. Its nothing spectacular or amazing but definitely worth a try if you were to ever get your hands on it.