Like an old-school game with a shiny new coat of paint.

User Rating: 7.5 | Oboro Muramasa WII
Muramasa is a simple game that brings to mind a simpler time. The game has somewhat of a metroidvania design in terms of backtracking and having a large map to traverse, but the gameplay is that of a beat'em up with an RPG system. You'll fight with swords that you'll need to switch off, and each sword has different special attacks. You fight with fast action and quick reflexes. You'll level up and buy items. You'll even build new swords to use. But really, what this game boils down to is a very standard, yet solid, action game.

But I must warn and mention that this game does get very repetitive. Ultimately, this game lacks heavily in variety of gameplay. There is no real level design. You're going through flat stages purely for the sake of killing enemies and progressing the story. And a lot of the game's mechanics are useless (food shops in particular are a waste of money and hot spring scenes are very simple).

I feel like this game had a lot more potential. The combat system is solid, but everything else is very simple. I would have much preferred if the game had huge levels with real level design and consistent combat instead of random battles. Beating up normal enemies is satisfying in the beginning, but soon gets tiring.

I recommend this game to any anime fans (it deals with japanese mythology and has japanese voices, a must for any purists) and to anyone who enjoys a good boss fight. I also recommend to play using the Shura mode because it poses more of a challenge, which makes it more fun.