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I'm working on getting the Accessories and I noticed there's not really a good list for the Vita version. I found a list for the Wii version, but some of the names are different. I'm still missing a couple (hearing there are 55), so if you guys can check your lists and see what I'm missing and I'll edit this post. Then if we can put locations too, I'm sure this could end up being really helpful for those that are just wondering what they are missing. Here we go: Ninja Gauntlets Kitsune Gauntlets Tengu Gauntlets Chaos Gauntlets Tumult Gauntlets Demon God Gauntlets Dragon God Gauntlets Ninja Belt Kitsune Belt Tengu Belt Mantis Belt Chaos Belt Tumult Belt Demon God Belt Dragon God Belt Tengu Mask Chaos Mask Demon God Mask Salamander Robe Kappa Scale Demon Necklace Dragon Necklace Scroll of the Master Chainmail Wolfsbane Cursed Hebenon Cypress Rosary Cloisonne Rosary Clove Oil Swordsman's Sheath Blade Masters's Scabbard Amulet of Ise Amulet of Izumo Yamato Nostrum Toyama Elixir Preta Saucer Beelzebub Saucer Golden Hammer Straw Millionaire Crystal Magatama Jade Magatama Demon Ward Pandemonium Seal Boots of Sneaking Stealthy Slippers Triangle Cowbell Hammer of Masamune Abacus of Infinite Wealth Imari Lacquerware Tablet of the Bodhi Tree Thunderous Bangle Bracelet of the Deva King Anything missing (and locations to add to the list) are appreciated! I feel like I'm missing a Gauntlet (Mantis?) and a Mask.