40 minutes it's all you need.

User Rating: 2.5 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch XBOX
I've seen the negative reviews, but there was something telling me to try it for myself and they were not too far off. To start the game has a very immature tone, very juvenile jokes, filled with sexual conotations that are just embarassing to watch. The presentation is also abysmal, leaving you the feeling that they were able to slap this game together in a few weeks. Everything feels unfinished and unloved. I'm still wondering how MTV and the "celebrities" that were pictured in this game let them go through with it.

But what about the game mechanism, and there's really none. I was able to beat the game in one try and in about 40min, and of course no ending or sense of accomplishment during the entire game. Each character has their own moves and special moves that require no skill to perform them, it's a button mesher and not sure if I mentioned, it's extremely easy to breeze through it. Didin't try the multiplayer so can't wight on that, but I assume nobody would be spending too much time with it. The one good thing that I can say is that each character has their own "fatality" move, worth to see it at least once.

Nothing other than mediocrity exhales from this title and I honestly feel sorry for anybody who bought this game for the full price, really, really sorry.