Describe this game in one word: BULLS**T

User Rating: 4 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
There is no story, unless you count episode mode, which is nothing but 6 episodes with 3 fights in each. None of these episodes are even remotely fun to play and there is no comedy to make you feel like you're playing an actual episode of the show.

In each fight, your goal is to kill your opponent. You do this by performing various attacks and special attacks on your enemy until it says kill above their name, then you do your death special attack which differs for every character except for all the member of N-Sync, which for some reason all have the same attacks, specials, and finishers. Even their Mtv special is stupid. They just switch to another member of N-Sync. It's all completely stupid. These fights are not hard at all. What makes the gameplay so bad is that it's just so dull and repetitive, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE N-SYNC!!!!!! There was no reason to have an entire band in this game. You can also create your own fighter. This is the ONLY highlight to this game, but it's not very deep and you'll most likely avoid it all together. There's also different arenas you can fight in, but they are all the same pretty much. There is some special events in each arena to keep the fight interesting, but they're all still bland.

The controls are the only thing that do what they're supposed to do. X, square, and triangle do different attacks depending on who you are. The problem with this is that you can't pull off combos. Once you've pressed a button, you can't do a different attack until the attack animation for your character has ended. While this isn't a huge problem, it sure is annoying. O does a special grab attack which changes when your opponent is below half their health. Everything else with the controls works fine.

The graphics for this game are absolute s**t They look like they belong on the PS1. Sure, blood does come out of the characters, which is nice, and the characters do look more and more beat up when you get their health down low enough, but the damage is all pre-set. The damage that is dealt to the characters doesn't flow well with the fight. You could come out with a black eye and your opponent could have never hit you in the eye.