Quite possibly the most dull fighting game ever.

User Rating: 1 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
I'll admit it, I don't like fighting games too much, but I play a few. I first found this game in a supermarket bargain bin for five dollars. I was like "Hey, thats a nice deal, I can't pass it up!". I brought it home and popped it into my PS2. And well, it sucked. It provided a few laughs, but thats about it. After about five minutes I was ready to walk away and cry. It was a good idea, A game based off that type of show, I just don't think it was carried out well enough. More characters, better sound, more music, all could have helped this game. In my opinion, if you see this game in the bargain bin, keep on walking.

-Graphics 2/10
The graphics aren't TOO bad, but considering they are supposed to be made out of clay, they could be much better.

-Music 1/10
Honestly the voice-overs and the music were crappy, I can't even remember any track or line of speech.

-Replay Value 0/10
After about 5 minutes you will never want to play this game again.