Once you've played it for half an hour, you've seen it all.

User Rating: 3 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
This game, to be blunt, is one of those short games where it gets dull very quick. You buy it, try it out and you find that you like it. But then you go back to it later and all of the magic is gone. Or you play it for your first time and like it but keep playing it for a couple of hours or so and then get bored. Or you'll try it out and hate it from the start, depending on who you are.

This game enables you to choose a celebrity to play as in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. You are basically pitted against another celebrity, and each celebrity has their own crazy manner of attacking and behaving. Celebrities include Marilyn Manson, Ron Jeremy, Anne Nicole Smith, Jerry Springer and all five members of old boy band NSync. Each celebrity has their own wacky attacks – Ron Jeremy attacks in various suggestive ways, while Tommy Lee can smack you around with some drum sticks. Then there's the finishing move, where you witness a funny move being performed – well, it can be funny when you first see it, but the more you see it, the less you care about it and it loses all of it's humour.

But where does it all go wrong? It all goes once you've played it, got the gist of it and seen everything, which happens surprisingly quickly. The game does not introduce fresh ideas upon every new turn. It uses the same old gimmick, meaning it becomes a boring game to play very quickly. The episode mode where you go through playing a bunch of celebrities and kicking others around to unlock new characters and arenas could be finished in one sitting, because it's really that short. The create-a-celebrity thing does not allow for a lot of choices, which makes it dull and almost pointless to use.

The attacks of the celebrities do offer humour in a few cases, but some of the moves do not do any good at all. All you do is bash at buttons, there's no logic or skill behind it at all. It seems like the game developers were more focused on providing humour than providing enjoyable gameplay, which is ultimately the reason why this game falls flat on its face.

The graphics don't look that good at all, for a PS2 game, nor does it try and stick to the style of the show this game was based on. The music is a slight improvement, and the commentary by Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond is amusing for the first few times you hear them.

With that being said, it is incredibly hard to recommend this game. Once you've played it for the first half an hour, you've seen it all, so it's not worth the money usually asked for a PS2 game. In fact, it's not even worth the £5 I bought it for. I cannot recommend this to anyone.