this is the worst game i have ever played

User Rating: 1 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
This game sucked i played for 10 mins, There is no skill needed to play this i won by clicking random buttons. i thought it would be good but i was wrong, there is nothing good about this game. make sure u dont buy its a waste of money and time. The only good thing about having this game is that it has added a game to my collection lol, but i will never play the game again. If you think you will enjoy the game hire it first becasue i dont want any one to be dissapointed once they brought it. It is a good concept the game is based on the cartoons but it wasnt carried out well enough. More characters are needed for anyone to enjoy the game also the game needs to be made so you use skill not button smashing. It becomes a boring game to play very quickly and i was surprised it was so bad. I will never recommend this game to anyone.