Celebrity Deathmatch is one of the worst fighting games out there.

User Rating: 1.5 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
(+) The commentator warns you that this is a bad game.

(-) Shallow fighting, ugly graphics, way too short, the unlockables are a joke.

Celebrity Deathmatch has two playable modes Episode and deathmatch were you face a AI or torture your friend by making them play this game. There is only about an hour of gameplay then you have beat the game in the episode mode and the unlockables are not even celebrity's they are just generic characters like an alien, redneck, and wolfman.

The fighting in this game is set up to were you have to repeat the same move several times in order to win. When you almost kill the opponent you have to find out how to activate the characters finisher all of them get old after seeing them once. The characters have some useful moves and some moves that just seem completely useless.

The graphics in this game are an eye sore they look like PlayStation 1 quality the arenas look the same just a different color and the characters are made of polygons. Their isn't much sound in this game there is music on the menu screen but, no music in fights. The sounds the fighters make when they fight are plain ridiculous.

The commentators are nice enough to warn you about the game being bad they said "That fight was exciting that is if you like dull fights with no entertainment whatsoever. When I heard the commentator say that I could not agree more because the game is boring and dull. Also my controller disconnected when I started playing this game. The commentators are also characters in this game so they can fight and talk about the match from their usual place at the same time.

Celebrity Deathmatch is one of those games that you have to force yourself to play it because it has so many flaws and so little good in the game so if you dare to try this game rent it do not waste too much money in it because it really isn't worth renting unless you like to play bad games.