Don't bother.

User Rating: 2 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch XBOX
MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch game is so horrible it should of never even been made. There's not much that you can say about this game. It's probably the worst game on the Xbox and would defiantly be a top contender for worst game of all time. I loved to watch the TV show when it came on but this game is worthless. If you go to the store they sell it for a very cheap price but even at that this game isn't worth it. It wouldn't even be worth renting it. But the look of the game is just like what you see on TV. And the controls on the game are so simple anybody could and can figure it out. And it defiantly want take you long at all to beat it's so short you could beat the whole game in an hour. Bottom line stay clear of this game and if you see it run in the other direction. Other than that there isn't any more you can say about this game at all.

The only time you might want to buy this game is if you see it at a yard sale and it's like 50 cents.