decent puzzle game with ridiculous copy protection

User Rating: 1 | Mr. Driller PC
The game has its cd key on the cd which is weird and thank god you dont have to use it during installation. The installed game itself doesnt require you to use the cd but here comes the problem. Every time you want to start the game you need to enter the cd key. Its really annoying, you cant copy the key in one line you need to put 3 or 4 lines into the boxes. Thats so ridiculous for such an easy game its not like you would play such puzzle games for hours. The rest of the tech is pretty arcade standard 640x480 max 60hz, gamepads and surprisingly on Vista it all works.

The game itself isnt so great. Sure for many its a classic but i think there are better kinds. You can win by just press down and action, sometimes you pick some air and thats it. People who take its concept to serious by trying to combo some of the colored earth are going to get disappointed if they lose all their 3 lifes like they are punished for trying more than pressing down and pressing A.