Perfect. Nuff said with that really.

User Rating: 9.7 | Mr. Driller MOBI
Pushes mobile boundaries to a new level. it has all the bright colours and adorable little detail included in console versions. The blocks popping on a small screen is JUST as adorable! I am supremely impressed!

Simple, fun AND addicting. The best 3 aspects that make a game perfect for mobile gaming. It involves ALMOST as much depth as any console version, but includes the essential 500m, 1000m and endless modes. High score tables are another reason to come back and playi t some more.

I'm not quite sure if this game has sound cos i think my version is a bit duffed up :S So I'll leave that at the default 7.

As I said, simple gameplay was MEANT for mobile play. Either using 4,5 and 6 on your keypad or a joystick, this game really is simple enough for anyone to pick and play immediately!

Perfect gameplay
Perfect controls
Perfect detail
Perfect for a mobile game

Summed up in 4 words:
Totally and utterly perfect