Mr Driller is a fun title that will keep your attention in the short term - but doesn't have enough long term appeal.

User Rating: 7.3 | Mr. Driller PS
As far as puzzle games go - they have taken a back seat to more of the action based titles that are the big sellers in today's gaming world. An unfortunate casualty of gaming growing up - there is a small group of fans who will still choose titles like this over the main fare. Enter Mr Driller - a game that tries to fill the void that main fare like Gran Turismo have left. Lacking any real story or substance - this is very basic and no brainer game. It's premise is that the world is being over-run by coloured blocks. Very simple fair really - but the gameplay is where it counts. Facing a direction - Mr Driller drills down through the blocks - trying to reach the city street from which he has been pushed up from. While drilling, which you can do in any direction, all coloured blocks which are drilled are also broken down. Which means - working against gravity - as well as time, you have to reach the bottom - while collecting air packets to replensih your supply of air - as well as dodging the ever menacing X blocks. Drilling through blocks is easy - requiring only a quick button press. However through the simplistic look lies a deep game that requires some strategy to play. Drilling through a block will require other blocks above it to fall - which could of course crush poor Mr Driller. All blocks that fall will also mold with the like colours that they fall with - so strategy will be ever-changing - in order to succeed. As well as this - you must step up your pace for the time limit - which is more stricter as you progress. Collecting the air pellets is at times difficult - and this is further made more difficult with the advent of the X blocks - which are as easy to drill as the other blocks - but drain at your air supply. Graphics are cute and very japanese junior anime - bright and colourful. The game has a cheery theme - making it very accesible. A clean interface makes the game very easy to pilot - you will have no problem navigating the game due to its graphics engine. Like a good puzzler should - the game relies on skill to get through to the higher ranks. Music and effects are also suitably good - with the music being the highlight of the package. Music is a little repetitive but will keep you happily playing while in a session. Therein lies the problem - while a good puzzler, it doesn't have the longevity and the lasting appeal to keep you merrily playing for ages at a time. Other modes like Challenge and Survival round out this package - and while these are essentially more of the same - it's inclusion is definately required and appreciated as the game is pretty short lived. However at a bargain price on release - this is a game that should find its way in to many collections. Overall - this is a pretty good game. However - without the lasting appeal of many other puzzlers - as well as the light presentation and lackluster 2 player support - this is a game that tries something new in a genre which is growing ever smaller - and only half-succeeds. A worthwhile addition to your gaming library - just dont expect much subtlety or long periods of play.