Fun puzzle game that will keep you busy for a few hours

User Rating: 7 | Mr. Driller PS

We've had a good variety of puzzle games in the past like Tetris, Pocket Fighter and Columns, originally it was going to be the third Dug Dig game but the idea was abandoned when chain construction proved to be too complicated. Mr. Driller was a new series published and developed by Namco which was first released in arcades in 1999 to begin with and a year later it got released on to other systems including the PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour.

With it being an arcade game it does have a basic story plot to this as well where Mr. Driller's world has been covered with mysterious coloured blocks. Armed only with a mighty drill you'll have to dig your way down to safety before your air supply runs out. As I've already mentioned pretty much a basic story plot you would see in arcade games especially if you've been to an arcade in general that has retro games from the 80's.

Soon as you load the start screen and the main menu everything is colourful including the character designs are very well detailed with stunning anime visuals. You'll have three choices to choose from when you start playing the game either going through Arcade mode either as a beginner or on expert mode, Time Trail on getting the fastest time on each level or Survival mode seeing how far you can dig before running out of your own air supply or getting crushed by blocks above you.

The only buttons you'll only be using is the directional pad and the X button to drill your way down, seems straight forward for an arcade game the more you dig to the bottom the higher the score will get if you were playing this on Arcade mode you'll only have three lives to reach the goal point just remember to keep your air supply full and not getting crushed by blocks. If you do you'll get a high score and the words Game Over on your screen, you can save your high scores if you have a memory card but that's about it but you can unlock more levels as well going through Time Trail mode.

After playing Mr. Driller for a good half an hour pretty much found this game to be highly addictive for a puzzle game especially on the PlayStation there have been times where I've tried to get a better score and seeing how far I can reach the bottom. The only downside to Mr. Driller is that it doesn't have two player support meaning that you can't play against each other or even working together on drilling your way through which is a shame because it would have been more addicting for a puzzle game.

If you are a PlayStation collector like myself and manage to find this game at a cheap price I would recommend checking this game out if you want an addicting puzzle game which will keep you busy for a few hours with three modes and charming visuals.