Mount and Blade: Amazing game with only a few minor fall backs

User Rating: 7 | Mount & Blade PC
This game is Amazingly designed. Besides a few minor setbacks with the RPG aspect of the game but the combat systems are unbelievably good. The combat system is extremely sophisticated causing for you to be easily sucked into the combat aspect of the game. The problem with the RPG aspect of the game is simply it is so unorganized and open ended that if you don't have an imagination to decide what you want to do you will quickly loose interest. The easy way to fix this is if you are as stated and don't have an imagination play until you dislike the profile then delete it and start a new one.
Now if you do have an imagination you can easily go for a very long time on Mount and Blade without getting board.
Also if you think that this game has to many dead end villages, towns, and castles well their not if the village elder says they have no tasks leave wait a few game days and go back and ask again this will work about 3/4 of the time.
Best part of this game is the combat you can take hundreds of men vs. hundreds of men and get into a full out medieval battle. The only problem with the combat system is you can't make fast and quick commands easily.
That's what I think of the game hope this helped you and good luck in the wars to come.