Graphics are dated, .....So why can't I stop playing much fun for one game....

User Rating: 10 | Mount & Blade PC
If you are a graphics slut you will nit pick this game to death. If you are a gameplay slut you will love this game to death.

Honestly I put the graphics at HD, full AA, bump mapping, and native looks great. Some of the Mods make them even better.

That aside, this is a full open world medieval simulation. The world is in constant flux and you can choose your place in it. From honorable knight to bandit lord, to humble vassal of a king, to conqueror.

The combat is fantastic. Not perfect, but the some of the most realistic I've played and very flexable. You want to be a viking? a Knight? a barbarian? an archer? crossbow man? Spears, swords, knives, rocks, axes, lances,halbreds,short swords, two handed swords, maces, blah, blah

Combat is well designed with directional attacks and blocks. tactical advantages, and different uses/strategies for different weapons.

Open plains battles, mountain battles, river battles, town battles, full on fort and castle seiges.

Game looks dated, but I can't stop playing it.