Addictive multiplayer, unconventional singleplayer.

User Rating: 9 | Mount & Blade: Warband PC
The main draw to Mount&Blade Warband is without a doubt it's multiplayer, where battles are often enough coordinated affairs with players forming shield walls and advancing, providing cover for archers while the cavalry skirmishes and fights off enemy cavalry. Teamwork is essential for winning a round and not at all hard to organize. Individual combat skills allow a player to shine, and often one surviving member of a faction will be fighting off the remnants of the enemy army while the dead watch, cheering him/her on. It's exhilarating.

Gamespot's review mentioned the lack of structure in the single player campaign, which while hard to get going, is extremely rewarding. There is little over all back story, but it works very well as the story becomes your own. You will hate opposing factions and swear revenge after defeat, and experience glorious victories from behind the walls of your personal castle/s as waves and waves of enemy troops fall victim to your archers, eventually clashing with your infantry to the tune of clanging metal, war cries, and moans.

I would like to be able to individually place each and every archer/soldier in defensive positions around castles. Also, inflammable boiling oil to dump onto attacking foes would be a delightful addition.

For those of you on the fence, get off that fence and buy this game. You will not regret it. The developers are sure to continue to improve upon their product, as they have for years already, but you will not be disappointed in what Warband already has to offer. This is a company that you will want to fund. Have a glorious day.

*Update after 3 months: With some of the multiplayer mods the game has become an obsession.*