Just something different - you just might love it!

User Rating: 9 | Mount & Blade: Warband PC
I've enjoyed this title for one reason - I've never played anything quite like it. It's refreshing, has a lot of potential, and for the price tag it's a great addition to any PC gamers library (around $30 - any more and you're being duped).

I'm not sure I understand the outcry for "better graphics", as I'm a little old school in thinking that gameplay is the primary goal - this title excels in that department with, as to be expected, much room to grow and improve (hence my rating of 9 - I really dont think any game deserves a 10 :p). That said, the visuals can be quite pleasing in my honest opinion. Playing with hordes of NPCs or PCs battling it out with a more or less Oblivion'esque presentation is very nice and surprisingly smooth.

I've spent more time enjoying the multiplayer aspects only because I have yet to fully engross myself with the single player game - but I know it'll be there waiting for me when the chaos of multi-play boils down (really, it's kind of like a whole different game - which just makes it better). Bringing both avenues of play together you have a great deal of replay value here, and that is a stellar attribute that I look for in my games (especially in this economy!).

I'm sure It's been an uphill battle for TaleWorlds with the development of this title, but I have high hopes that it's already paying off with this monster of a really underdog game.

$30 (rounded) + Uniqueness + Single Player + Multiplayer + All kinds of Mods = Give it a try!