User Rating: 7.5 | MotorStorm PS3
boy this game had alot to live up to.
first of all the graphics are nothing like the E3 trailor which pretty much sucks. the game looks amazing and still dissappoints because of that pre-rendered, uh, target. but it still blows every other racer out of the water at the moment so there you go. the frame-rate is smooth, the mud flys everywhere, the wear and tear of the track is awesome. its a beautiful game that couldnt of possibly live up to the expectations. o'well.
there are only 6 or 7 tracks in the game with several more avalible for download. it doesnt seem like alot but each track hasseveral different routes. you can seriously race each track 20 times without seeing everything. the tracks are different enough where they dont get repetitive and they are all gorgous and well done.
the control is spot on. each car class feels different from each other. there are rally cars, buggies, bikes, trucks, and rigs!deciding which vehicle to use on what track and which route to take is the key to winning.
you also have nitrous which will refill up constantly. learning when and where to use this can be the difference between a win and a loss. if you use to much to fast, boom, you dont have to worry to much however because motor storm commits the biggest sin in racing games. it has a bad case of catch-up logic. no matter how bad you suck or how good you are, your opponents are always right next to you. and when you lose on a perfect run but make one small mistake at the end of the race and finish 3rd you will cuss sony and demand the prick at evalution studis head who thought this was a good idea. worse then that the computer drivers dont need the devs help because they are ruthless.
mutiplayer more then makes up for it and this is the way to play motorstorm anyway.
warning. the load times in the game are terrible. the worst on the PS3. even the select your vehicle screen loads. its ridiculous. plus the game ships with a barebones package. all you have to do if you have no onlie is race. thats it. no time attack or versus mode. just race. ofcourse race is like a season mode where you gotta get enough tickets to move on but still. skimpy as it can be. but if you have online you will have a blast and you can download time attack.
its a great game....when its not loading. the load times and catch-up logic drop the score for me. to an 8.0. but for those without online? well then your screwed. your getting 2/3's of the game. 7.5