Fun game, great graphics & gameplay...but offline multiplayer should be standard...not a downloadable afterthought.

User Rating: 7.2 | MotorStorm PS3
Short and simple...this game is beautiful and the racing is addictively fun. It captures the essence of out of control off-road racing to a tee. The game looks absolutely amazing to be honest. But who came up with the bright idea of having a 1 player racing game? Sure online play is great but what if i want to embarass my friends in a head to head race or send them flying off a cliff into oblivion? What about the people who ACTUALLY have friends? i mean online gameplay is nice and is almost a must these days but to NOT HAVE 2 PLAYER MODES AT ALL? in what world does this make sense? those of us who have friends are not relegated to taking turns racing the computer? one of the greatest aspects of gaming is competing against friends and this game completely left that part out. aside from that it's shallow. Motorstorm is a little more than a demo but not quite a full game. if you can get past the fact that there are only 8 tracks, not a lot to achieve and the fact that you can't race your friends unless you're all at home online then i guess it's a good buy. Overall...a great looking and fun to play game but a huge dissapointment. They've been hyping this thing for two years and even pushed it back twice...they could of at least made 10 tracks and a 2 player mode with all that extra time.