Poor physics, unbalanced gameplay, ridiculous tracks . . .

User Rating: 6.5 | MotorStorm PS3
-Great Graphics for a Playstation 3 launch release.
-Many vehicles to choose from.
-The crashes look very good.

-The AI is too aggressive
-The tracks are just plain idiotic and malicious.
-You can crash way to easy.
-unrealistic expectations.

The game is so aggressive in this game that a four-wheeler can take out a doom buggy. How does a four-wheeler compete with a vehicle twice its size in this game? You can't just race for fun you have to be first in every single race, or you can't advance, I have never placed second of third though, so don't hold me to that, and I just feel that if I buy a racing game the developer should understand that I want to go fast and do things that I can't legally do on the road without paying the consequences. If I bump a 2 foot tall rock in the middle of the track I burst into flames and I am sent back 5-6 places. Crashing is extremely easy. The game is pretty and it has the glimmer of fun, but you are soon brought down by all the negatives and the stupidity of how the developers sold a simulator not an arcade game, well until you consider the fact that a four-wheeler can swipe a doom buggy. The whole game is made to favor the computer AI and to give it a handicap. This game is unbelievable and silly. It was lucky to get 6.5 out of 10, but that is only because the graphics where good and there where a few brief moments of pleasure in this game.