Motor storm offers a lot of pleasure both to the fans of off road racing and non fans.Really breathtaking experience!

User Rating: 8 | MotorStorm PS3
Motor storm is a game that you will love very soon.As you play it you see more and more in the game,you see it's beauty.This game offers super audiovisual presentation.After game it's crazy sound will be still banging in your ears.This game really has one of the best graphics you will ever see in a racing game.You will see mud split on screen when you raise your speed by boosting(limited-rechargable).This only strenghtens the amazing experience.This game is much more than racing.There are a lot of vehicles in game starting from motorcycles to big rigs.Each one has it's strenghts and weaknesses.Motorbikes are fast but very sensitive to damage,big rigs are relatively slow but you can crash everyone in the game.Levels are also rich.There are different ways in each level and experienced players go through the road that best suits their vehicle.The weakest point in the game is that it offers multiplayer ONLY ONLINE.Otherwise this game would be superb.There could have been much more ways to increase your adrenaline.The most lovely part of this game is when you crash to something.That will be shown in slow motion and you can see the shockingly realistic details.One small aspect I noticed is when you press START button and change the camera angle the plants on the ground near you will rotate in their place(which means there are modeled in 2D).Overall this is great game with great audiovisuals.Don't hesitate to pick this PS3 exclusive up.