MotorStorm, although a little boring, it's actually pretty fun and the graphics are incredible and even more in HD.

User Rating: 7.5 | MotorStorm PS3
I think MotorStorm showed what the PlayStation 3 was capable of. When they said it would show the power of Blu-Ray, they weren't kidding. MotorStorm shows some really amazing visuals that made people think that the teaser trailer in E3 2005 was nothing more than a full-motion cutscene and the gameplay would look cheesy. WRONG!!! Yes this isn't the best racing game in the world and it has some letdowns but the graphics are really where this game shines. If you have an HDTV, this is definitely the game to play with one because it is that incredible. The vehicles get dirty, tires get muddy, the drivers are covered in mud and dirt, it's all in real time. Since this is mountain racing, you will see dune buggies, cars, dirt bikes, trucks, and even big rigs. MotorStorm even has a pretty good soundtrack with songs by Slipknot, Wolfmother, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana and more. I play racing games of any kind whether it be arcade or sim so some things I would want to see in a racing game are good graphics, cool vehicles and a good soundtrack. Luckily, MotorStorm has some of that. MotorStorm is a game that should be respected because it showed the full potential of a PlayStation 3 console. There's other MotorStorm titles that I haven't played yet but after admiring the graphics, I want to play them.