The most brutal racer on the PS3 yet.

User Rating: 9 | MotorStorm PS3
Motorstorm is a racer that was headed for Sony's console and one of the first talked about games on the ps3. This off-road racer has 4 unique vehicles through the tracks in this game. The only problem with it is there aren't alot of of tracks in this game (8 tracks) and you'll see them within 1-2 hours. The vehicles are big-rigs, trucks, motorcycles and dune buggys. A cool addition is the idea to swipe people off their bikes and make them crash,which is really fun to do! The graphics are amazing in this game and when you crash, you will see all the parts of the vehicle which is a really neat sight and can be funny at times. The cons in this game is there is no offline multiplayer and there are not that many tracks. Online is lot's of fun and there can be a little glitches at sometimes. BUT ANYWAY