Tripping the rift.

User Rating: 7 | MotorStorm: Pacific Rift PS3
Normally I would have never considered playing Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, but over two years ago my cousin brought it round and loaded it into my PS3 for a 2-player game. I wasn't immediately taken by it as racing games are not really my thing. But this whole time the 0% tally on my trophy list taunted me. I just had to get it and play it properly to get the percentage up.

It was a worthwhile investment as the game features quite a lot of escapism. Set on a gorgeous Pacific Island the races take place across four different types of environments with eight different types of vehicles. The races themselves are in the style of Road Rash with a no-rules-to-be-broken attitude. It can be very exciting, but a few of the courses are punishingly difficult and will surely end up with you chucking your controller through the screen. The vehicles vary in speed, shape and size, but mostly all of them suffer from poor handling. You'll often see hazards coming from way off but you'll be powerless to do anything about them.

For a superficial burst of entertainment Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is good for about 10 hours. More than half of the trophies are online-based and since the game is three years old at this point no one else is playing online anymore. You've no chance of getting the Platinum now. I only got up to 16%. For a similar game with still plenty of online action you ought to go for Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box (PS3).

Graphics A
Sound A (your own tunes do come through at a significantly lower volume than the in-game music)
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B-