A Brutal Racing Game

User Rating: 8.5 | MotorStorm: Pacific Rift PS3
Good: Detailed Tracks, Clever AI, Vehicles are unique and fun to drive, Enjoyable Multiplayer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bad: Harsh races, Boring Festival system, Vehicles uncontrollable at times ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most likely the best racing series on the ps3 - Motorstorm replaces safe boundaries and soft races for exploding cars and crushing environments - Pacific rift is no different - The tracks make up the game's backbone with Earth, Air, Fire and Water zones which all look beautifully realistic - The AI, while not especially clever at times will ram you off roads and pick routes that suit thier motors - All cars try to win! and each have different methods for doing so - The bike relies on speed and the high ground while Big rigs take the low ground with much power - these little things make motorstorm pacific rift a great game - However, Harsh races (ranks 6, 7, 8) become very hard and almost impossible for some to cross the finish line in time - this can be very frustrating - The festival system uses points that you win from races to unlock... No suprise - More races! which must be played to unlock more races! it feels like a bland way to progress - Also at times the Vehicles are uncontrollable mainly in the air or tight corners leading to an unwanted crash or barrel roll - The multiplayer picks things up abit though - it's awesome to see you're friend or enemy fall from thier bike after a punch from you - only to get crushed by a monster truck - Motorstorm pacific rift is for extreme racing fans and despite the above problems is a very enjoyable game