Don't buy it for Trophies

User Rating: 8.5 | MotorStorm: Pacific Rift PS3
This was a fun game. The tracks were lush, well detailed and overall visually impressive. I never felt like their weren't enough tracks available and the many vehicle classes are and interesting way to add new strategy to what you've already done. It does a good job at incorporating the multi-route aspect of the tracks. You really have to think about which way is better for your vehicle type. However, this game does get very difficult near the end as me, a self-proclaimed "seasoned gamer." Could not manage to come in first in all the races. And don't expect the online to be any more forgiving. I consistently found myself finishing in the bottom half of all the races and to this day haven't managed to come in first in a single ranked race. You pretty much have to be perfect to win. Lastly, this games trophies are extremely difficult. I currently have 9 platinum trophies, almost ten, but only managed to get 28% of the trophies in this game. In conclusion, this is a good game with something different to offer to racing games, but don't get it if you're easily frustrated, a perfectionist (like me), or are looking to get a lot of trophies (There are like 65 I think, though many of them are extremely difficult.)