Brutal off-road action

User Rating: 9.5 | MotorStorm: Pacific Rift PS3
Motorstorm Pacific Rift is probably the best game sequel ever. the action in this game is awesome, i love the fact that youll have atvs against monster trucks or buggys against big rigs. it is definitely worth the money. The AI in the game is really hard, you can go from thinking, oh well, just another one of those mediocre racing games, to oh my god! why is this so hard? in about three races. the cars in the game are really cool, almost making me wish there was a real life competitions like this. the sounds are great, and the music is great for driving angry. the graphics are beautiful, especially in the opening intro, but most of all the crashes are the most realistic i have seen so far in a racing game. the elimination races are hard as well. as far as multiplayer goes, it is great to have unevenly matched races with your friends or just have free play races, where you can do whatever you want. only thing that would make the game better would be a create your own racetrack mode.