This game just eats away your time rather than giving thrill.

User Rating: 5.6 | Moto GP 2 PC
I played Superbike developed by Sony. It was a good game but it was'nt so difficult for me when compared to Moto GP2. It has good graphics but does'nt live up to expectations with regard to gameplay,enjoyment and difficulty. For an amateur like me, It's really difficult to play a game like motogp 2 which needs extreme skill and capability.
Another negative is that all the things including riders,tracks are locked. For example, If you want to race in a track like Phakisa you have complete the Suzuka race first.
1) Player Editing features are excellent.
2) Sound tracks are good
3) Replay feature is mind blowing.
4) Graphics is good.
And it is worth a try even if you're an amateur in gameplay.