Not a simulation, nor an arcade

User Rating: 8.1 | Moto GP 2 PC
Graphics are good, detailed and suprisingly smooth even with my super low-end Radeon 9250. However, the sense of speed was missing - can't tell the reason. Tracks are from real world, which is a big deal. Some of the tracks were already featured in 1988 classic F1-game "Grand Prix Circuit". (I had to mention this, such a rare dejá vù)

In MotoGP 2, like in most of racing games, sounds were somewhat disappointing. It took only some hours and I was fed up with that whine and turn on the soundtrack. There are 17 (?) songs, one for each track - some sort of rock mostly. It took me a while to search, so I put them here in case you're interested:

Psynn2 (Menus) - Shawn Hargreaves
Firebird (Suzuka) - V8 Pack
Devil's Dice (Phakisa) - V8 Pack
Oil (Jerez) - Third Girl
5700 cc's (Le Mans) - V8 Pack
Adrenalin (Mugello) - Darrin Roggenkamp
Fastback Reptile Combo (Catalunya) - V8 Pack
Gasoline Overlord (Assen) - V8 Pack
Sabretooth (Donington) - V8 Pack
Sleazy Rider (Sachsenring) - Third Girl
Chrome Rider (Brno) - V8 Pack
Eat Dirt (Estoril) - Third Girl
10-4 Rocker (Rio) - V8 Pack
Metropolis (Motegi) - V8 Pack
Needle (Sepang) - Darrin Roggenkamp
Power Up (Phillip Island) - V8 Pack
Doug McClure (Valencia) - V8 Pack
Slipstream (Sheridan Circuit) - Third Girl
Cookin' on Electric (Credits) - Third Girl

Most of these are crap, but you can add your own OGG-files to soundtrack folder. Just remember to put them inside another folder - so that you can select that folder in game settings.

Digital controls are the biggest fault of this game. If you don't have an analog stick, bikes are damn hard to control. Hint: lean forward while exiting curves and your bike will not skid so easily. I liked the following configuration:

z=rear brake
left shift = lean forward
left control = lean back (and you'll be airborne in no time)

FYI: Initially most of the tracks are locked. After I won every race at easiest level (full season), they were all unlocked but one.

I think a 3rd person view is useless in any racing game, but there are a few to choose from, if you like that kind of "realism". Btw, the replay is good.

This is one the games you'll never really master. You drive off the track easily, but at least on the easiest level that won't necessarily take you out of the race. I recommend!