Moto GP 2 for Microsofts XBOX video game console is a top notch bike racer especially for its time.

User Rating: 8.2 | MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 XBOX
Moto GP 2 for Microsofts XBOX video game console is a top notch bike racer especially for its time. You have everything available as online options! Moto GP uses all of XBOXs special functions available at the time, friend lists, live scoreboards, voice, custom sound tracks and the like. If that wasn¿t enough it is even live aware despite that feature wasn¿t available yet!

You have your basic start menu with your options, single player, multiplayer, options, blah blah blah¿ ok, in single player you sign in your profile and pick (or make) a custom rider. You make the name (first and last) you make your team, you pick the colors of the gear and bike, you make your team logo (consists of either shapes or text moved where you want) and the colors for that too!

You then get another menu, which consists of the Championship season where you race to earn experience points to build up your bike stats (similar to an RPG) and take home the gold. Along the way you can complete challenges and earn more points and even go back to earlier ones when your bike is powerful or agile enough!

The other options you have are time trial and stunt race where you can race against the AI times or score or go LIVE and race other people around the worlds times and scores. I wouldn¿t suggest going to those until after you pumped your bike up

There are plenty of unlockables and they tell you how to do it in the game so research isn¿t necessary.

A few other notable features are replay saves, highlights of past real GP races, interesting facts about the place you race, the Moto GP tunes are actually pretty good, the brilliant graphics and the great replayability.

The multiplayer gameplay is about the same but squeeze screen isn¿t as fun as going LIVE¿.

Now for the downsides¿¿(you know all games have them so don¿t cringe at the fact this game does)

The AI in the game is usually not very smart until legend but by then it won¿t really matter¿..
The physics are ok but the bike to bike crash physics are terrible¿¿
Some challenges are very frustrating even later in the game¿¿
Most unlockables are fairly boring and pointless¿¿
The sound effects often blur out the music no matter which is turned louder¿

This is a definite classic game for the XBOX and should be owned by all bike lovers, XBOX collectors, race fans, video game collectors, speed freaks and those are true Moto GP fans.