Overall, a good motorcycle game with excellent graphics and bike details, but seems to lack certain AI to really appeal.

User Rating: 7.8 | MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 XBOX
I believe that THQ's motogp 2 franchise installment gives Namco's motogp franchise a run for their money. Although, THQ has all the license rights as Namco, it isn't an official motogp game. With a huge xbox live gameplay, motogp 2 has managed to give players more replay value, although I never go online; too troublesome to set-up a wired system. The graphics on motogp 2 is impressive. All the small details and rider animation were addressed, from the movement of the wrist during acceleration to the butt-shifting when adjusting the racelines. This is where the animation became a little annoying for my taste. It could be the xbox controller or my not being comfortable to the game analog to game response, but during a long straightways, I find my rider butt shifting all too often and sometimes impeding my effort to prepare the next corner. The next annoying feature, but apparently very appealing to many players, is an arcadish (IMO) blur effects; sure one can argue that this is how the sport really is, but it made it so much harder for me to find my markers and brakelines. Coupled with the butt quirkiness, I find my corners being quite inconsistent. Another feature I realized is that the width of the tracks are somewhat larger than Namco's tracks. I find myself having a lot of room to adjust to my mistakes during cornering, especially with the reasons stated above. Overall, because I love the sport, I still keep this game in my collection eventhough I don't turn on my xbox as often. Pros: Graphics, animation, track details, bike details, player created rider; and able to name your rider with and without caps, personalized graphics, easy to reach rear and front brake buttons, and powersliding ability. Cons: Oversteering analog stick, opinion-based blur effect, AI crashing (highsiding) players too often in pro level, and quirky butt-shifting.