Too much SBK not enough MotoGP08

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Well, for this casual gamer anyway. I can't understand why they have gone for this handling model when the realistic simulation fans can just buy an SBK title. Back to playing the super-fun (if flawed) MotoGP08 for another year (at least I can play as Rossi again properly now and pretend Stoner is Marquez). Have to point out that the graphics are woeful in this new title, especially on the horizon. There are points where I've found myself braking for a corner that hasn't even loaded in the distance, and I brake late. If anyone has got a suggestion on any bike title I may like (ie handles like 08) then I'd love to hear them.
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I got SBK generations there for fathers day the other month and so far I like it, bike handeling is real sensitive so takes a bit of practise. I'm using Low simulation but gonna move up cause right now I'm winning by too big a margin (although I like that too) Was gonna buy MotoGP13 but I think I'll hold off and continue with SBK for a spell, just like the real thing it seems to be a lot better right now :)