I don't really expect good on bikes on PS2 but this incredible and very realistic game proved me wrong.

User Rating: 8.5 | MotoGP 08 PS2
Usually moto gp games don't have a high value. They are just launched and platforms and hardly anyone buys them. May be this is because Moto Racing is not a popular sport. Anyway this game really surprised me. Firstly the rosters and the ultimate real looking bikes with the very matching racing tracks (it has almost all international tracks). Controlling the bike is really smooth and is just right at difficulty. Pulling off a wheelie is great fun and is easy but looks very realistic. The menu may not impress you but the in play graphics, movement and sound really got me going. This game has put a new beginning to the Moto gp folks and yeah its a must buy for all the bikers. Though this game is not for gamers to the core but still its definitely worth trying your hands on. Capcom has done a great job but some areas require improvement. To mention, the crashing animation looks a little weird and sometimes during replays you find bugs like the bikers feet inside the bike and stuff like that. But they are very rare and this game surely is a must own. So it truly deserves an 8.5