Like a paper plane...light and shallow

User Rating: 5 | MotoGP 08 PC
So...after enjoying another terrific MotoGP race in Mugello today I have to chime in on this bad attempt on the franchise.
Being a Ducati rider myself (just a Monster, nothing fancy) I lack every sense of the feeling riding a bike in this game.
The graphics are way too clean, the controls sloppy, no sense of speed and no physics either.
Setting it to simulation does not change anything, it renders it impossible to play...its more a Bike Hero type of game then fun and thrill.
I know there are better, faster and more enjoyable racing games out there...and I am not talking about GT...that one is bad in it own but it supports a gazillion of driving wheels...
I think its time to think about a Moto controller...
First thing...throttle and brake and not 0 or 1...its smooth and thus we need analog controls for both
Anyone remember the Nec-Gon ? that was a great attempt to master the subtle steering of a bike.
And now I just tried the WSBK game and it the same engine with the same problems...but it has music :)