A Step Backwards

User Rating: 6.5 | MotoGP 08 X360
I know CLIMAX moved on to do something different, but, regardless of that, this game just doen't measure up. Graphically or gameplay wise. Now, the graphics are not bad or horrible by an means, but they are a step backwards from the level achieved by CLIMAX (now Black Rock Studios - Pure). The gameplay isn't the worst, but again, it is a step backwards from the standard. So I bet you are wondering if there is any part of the game I like, huh? In actuality, for what it is, it could have been worse.

This game definitely neede a bit more time in the cooker. I am not a huge fan of this game, but, after playing the final release, it did get better from what the demo exhibited. But for me, it just isn't good enough. I commend CAPCOM for putting a respectable effort forward for the first release, but I enjoy Superbike more at the moment.

I like the inclusion of the 125 and 250 class, but what is the real point? They just feel tacked on. Also, why am I forced to play withh that class? I paid good money to race the big bikes, not the toys. I also didn't find the sound of the bikes authentic. The graphics are above average, but not the best I have seen. So, with all that is below average or just downright disappointing, what did I like about the game?

Well, I liked the shark helmet. So, I guess that is a start. I am passing on this particular version, and getting on with Superbike til next years release. I am sad to report, this will be just an average season for us bike racing fans. Let's just hope they iron out the wrinkles before the next release. Look in the bargain bin, or try Superbike. Or do what I will be doing, and that is going back to MotoGP 07 til 09 comes along.