A fun game overall, especially for hardcore motorcycle fans. There are a few downfalls, which are minor.

User Rating: 7.5 | MotoGP 08 X360
I've always been a fan of motorcycle racing games, especially the MotoGP series. The graphics are better, which is something that should be expected with a new game in any series. The controls and handling of the bikes is pretty realistic except for the 'flickability' of the GP class bikes, which I would like to see happen a little bit faster.

For people like me and my friends who enjoy racing each other while hanging out, you might be disappointed with the lack of a local multiplayer option. There is still online multiplayer though, which is still a blast. There's nothing like coming out of that last corner with your friend right on your tail, cranking down on the throttle and seeing your back end twitching as the back wheel tries to bite and get traction.

If you like racing games and are looking for something besides four wheel racing, pick this game up.