An all round good game, needs a few improvements though.

User Rating: 7.5 | MotoGP 08 PS3
I bought this game after I got fed up with waiting so long for the release of SBK-08, and I'm glad I took this decision. Moto GP is not a racer everyone will enjoy, but I believe all those two-wheeled fans out there would truly enjoy this.

The career within the game is very well structured, and the 'Challenges' feature offers a wide variety of different scenarios to test the skill of the player. Although the game misses out on offline multiplayer, it does contain an online version which allows you to race against other Moto GP fans from around the globe, but it isn't the most stable connection wise. I, personally, think Capcom could have improved this section of the game to at least take the likes of Codemasters Grid multiplayer a run for it's money.

Graphics wise it has to be the best looking motorcycle game out, again there are some issues where if you fall off, the bike magically stands up by itself, and I have been knocked off my bike from another rider doing a close overtake without touching me. Although these occur rarely, it would be nice to see a flowing game.

If you're a fan of the two wheel racing games, then at least rent this game it will offer weeks of enjoyment and will challenge your racing skills to the max!

Happy gaming.