My Favorite Game so far for xbox 360!

User Rating: 10 | MotoGP 08 X360
This is but no dout my favorite game for xbox 360, followed by fifa 09 and gta 4. I havent had the xbox 360 long and im sure there will be new favorite games for me, but this game moto gp 08 for xbox 360 is way better then the ps2 moto gp 07. If you are a fan of moto gp or just anything that has to do with bikes you should get this game.

Good Things: You get to race as yourself and race with your favorite teams, riders and get to pick your helmet, # and tune up your bike and much it better. Controls are great. Difficulty isn't hard till you start getting to hard and champion. The graphics are nice. And there is so much more to say about this game but i don't have that much time.

Bad Things: It says there two player on the back but there isn't two player in less theres two player on live. And a couple more little things but there not a big deal for me.